Gardall Bricksealer

A highly effective and remarkable urethane based product that provides a non-yellowing and 100% UV stable gloss clear finish. This product is recommended for use on surfaces such as clay roof tiles, brick and cement surfaces, brick paving, slate and limestone.
Test on a small area first, before applying to full surface area.

Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be water blasted clean, dry and free from wax, grease, etc.
  • Concrete surfaces may need to be Citric acid etched. (5% solution (2 litres Citric acid to 18 litres water)
  • Do not apply to waterlogged or damp surfaces.
  • Surfaces need to be completely dry.

Do not apply if surface temperature is less than 12°C.

Coating type:

  • Urethane based Resin Interior and Exterior Coating.


  • Please allow adequate ventilation – Strong Odour
  • Wear protective clothing eg. gloves, goggles etc.
  • Avoid open, naked flames.
  • Suitable for 10mm Lambswool Roller Cover or Airless Spray.
  • Apply Deluxe Coatings Gardall BrickSealer evenly over entire surface.
  • Don’t allow pools of product to form.
  • Do not apply in wet windy conditions.
  • Ambient temperature range from 10– 30C.
  • Allow 2-3 hours drying time between coats. If temperature is below 25 C, allow more time for drying.
  • Product takes 24 hours to cure.

Coverage rate:

  • 8 -10 square metres per litre (approximately).


  • Deluxe Coatings Gardall Thinner only.

Deluxe Coatings accept no liability for the application of this product. As noted above a test area must be done to satisfy the applicator that the product is suitable for the substrate.