If you are looking to achieve a high-build smooth or textured surface finish, then look no further than Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex. This is an acrylic coating that can be rolled or sprayed onto masonry surfaces. It has excellent resistance to water and contains anti-UV properties. You can use Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex as an interior and exterior decorative and protective coating that forms a hard yet flexible elastic abrasion-resistant surface. It is an ideal choice for architectural and building construction requirements where a durable coating is required.
Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex can be applied on a range of surfaces including gyprock, hardwall plaster, brick, cement, cement render, galvanised iron and timber.

Surface preparation:

  • All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, wax, grease, etc.
  • Wide cracks, depressions, irregularities should be patched and flushed smooth prior to application of Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex.
  • Surfaces should be primed with Deluxe Coatings Acrylic Undercoat before applying Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex.

Coating type:

  • Acrylic based Resin Interior and Exterior Coating.


  • Suitable for roller and low pressure Hopper Gun.
  • Roll – On: Apply 1 coat of Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex using a fine texture sleeve.
  • Spray – On: Apply 1 coat of Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex using a Hopper Gun on low pressure.
  • Re-coat time between 4 – 6 hours, depending on weather conditions.
  • Deluxe Coatings Ezi-Tex can be applied as a very thick coating (up to 1000 micrometers per coat). This will bridge or fill hairline cracks and will not crack upon drying.

Coverage rate:

  • By roller depending on texture, coverage will be approximately 2 square metres per litre. However, applicators are advised to carry out trials to establish spreading rates in line with the desired texture.

Drying time:

  • Surface dry in 3 hours, depending on weather conditions.


  • Equipment should be washed with water.

Colour range:

  • White, Pastels and mid tones only.